Summer Sale

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Incredible people, two world-class climbing gyms, unlimited yoga and fitness – it’s all here. The only thing missing is you. Pay only $20.22 for the entire month of July if you stay a member through August. Save up to $107 when you join.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

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Two World-Class Gyms

Unlimited Climbing + Fitness

Unlimited Yoga + Fitness Classes

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Summer Sale
Summer Sale
Summer Sale
Summer Sale

Power Plant + Steel Shop

$ 20.22*

for January
  • Unlimited Climbing + Fitness
  • Unlimited Yoga + Fitness Classes
  • Early In Hours
  • Free Rental Gear for First 30 Days
  • One Guest Pass per Month**
  • 15% Retail Shop Discount
  • 15% Rental Gear Discount (Excludes Lead Ropes)
  • 15% Gravity Lab Discount
  • 15% Instructional Classes Discount
  • 15% Private Coaching Discount

*Must stay a member through August 2022. Membership rate is $78.00/month after July.
**Guest passes may only be used by guests who have not climbed at the gym during the past 90 days.

Do you offer discounted memberships?

Climbers in the following groups are eligible to pay $66 per month: Students 24 Years and Younger, Youth 17 Years and Younger, Active Service Members, and Seniors 65 Years and Older.

Please visit one of the gyms to join as a family. Families are eligible to join at the following rates: 1st Family Member at $78.00 per Month, 2nd Family Member at $66.00 per Month, 3rd+ Family Member at $29.00 per Month. Payment must be drawn from a single payment source.

If you would like to enroll your family in a Climb So iLL membership, please vist the Welcome Desk (in person) or call David at 314-802-1395, extension 2 to take advantage of our 2022 Membership Sale.

How much is the enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee is waived during the membership sale.

Our one-time account setup fee is $49. If at any point you decide to cancel your membership and reinstate it at a later date, you will be charged this setup fee again.

There are three options to avoid this fee. You may purchase a ten visit punch pass and trade your last punch for the fee or purchase a one year prepaid membership. We also offer a one-month prepaid membership. This option is more expensive but requires no commitment.

Do my punches go away if I purchase a membership?

No, your punches will not go away if you purchase a membership. If there are unused punches on your account, you can share these with another climber. You must be present in order to authorize another climber to use a punch.

How do I freeze and thaw my membership?

Climb So iLL members can freeze their memberships indefinitely for $10/month.

A pro-rated price will be charged for the days remaining on your monthly pass starting from the date you choose to thaw your membership. No additional fees will be applied for thawing your membership.

Members may freeze and thaw their membership a maximum of 3 times per year. Speak with a Climb So iLL team member at the facility to freeze your membership.

All freezes begin on the 1st of the month. If you wish to freeze your membership, you must notify us, in advance, a minimum of 7 days BEFORE the 1st of the month.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with no cancelation fees or penalties. Members must sign a cancellation form in person at Climb So iLL. All cancellations begin on the 1st of the month. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must notify us, in advance, a minimum of 7 days BEFORE the 1st of the month.

Is tax included in the membership price?

Climb So iLL memberships are subject to state mandated sales tax. This sales tax is charged in addition to our advertised membership prices. We believe that health and fitness activities should not be subject to sales tax. We encourage you to write to your state and local representative, and ask them to support efforts to repeal this sales tax.

Are memberships transferable?

Climb So iLL memberships are not transferable. However, as a Climb So iLL Member, you can bring in one guest per month. This guest must not have visited the gym within the previous 90 days.

Power Plant

Our flagship gym, the Power Plant, is located in Downtown St. Louis, one block East of Lafayette Square. The gym is part of the historic City Hospital complex. Look for the towering smokestack.

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St. Louis
St. Louis
St. Louis
St. Louis

Steel Shop + Gravity Lab

Our newest gym, the Steel Shop, is located in the Frenchtown neighborhood of St. Charles. Housed inside of the Steel Shop, the Gravity Lab offers unique climbing challenges for younger and newer climbers.

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Steel Shop
Steel Shop
Steel Shop
Steel Shop